Seamless Integration with Your Infrastructure

Learn about the various Integration cases where Secure can make a difference in securing your online activities.

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Atlassian Jira Integration
Integrate Secure VPN with Atlassian Jira for secure remote access to your Jira project management platform. Ensure that your team can securely manage projects, track issues, and collaborate on tasks, even when working outside the office.
Slack Integration
Integrate Secure VPN with Slack for secure and private communication within your team. Ensure that your sensitive discussions and shared files are protected by encryption, providing a secure collaboration environment.
Microsoft Azure Integration
Securely integrate Secure VPN with Microsoft Azure for secure connectivity to your Azure resources and virtual networks. Enable secure access to your cloud infrastructure and protect your data with robust encryption and authentication
Salesforce Integration
Integrate Secure VPN with Salesforce to secure access to your CRM platform. Safeguard customer data, protect confidential sales information, and ensure secure connectivity for your sales team, even when working remotely.
Google Workspace Integration
Integrate Secure VPN with Google Workspace for secure access to your organization's Google services, such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs. Maintain data privacy and protect sensitive information while collaborating seamlessly with your team
Okta Integration
Seamlessly integrate Secure VPN with Okta for streamlined user authentication and access management. Ensure secure and convenient single sign-on (SSO) to your VPN service, providing enhanced security and ease of use for your organization

Secure Your Hybrid Workforce Now

Secure provides a secure, cloud-based solution for remote and hybrid workforce security. Protect your data and keep your employees safe with Secure.

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